(Pole Sefid)

Writer, Director and Producer: Ali Ghavitan

Director of Photography: Shahab Norouzian

Editor: Mehdi Hosseinivand

Music: Behrouz Shahamat

Cast: Bahareh Norouzi, Sedigheh Norouzian, Ali Ghavitan

Producer: Ali Ghavitan

80 min, Full HD, 2017, Color


Bahareh gets disabled in an accident just a few months after the start of the school year. According to the Ministry of Education, she must continue her education in special school. Bahareh refuses to go to special school and tries to convince her former school to accept her. However, existing laws prevent the return of Bahareh to the regular school and she remains suspended. Bahareh and her mother fight to solve this problem.


Born in 1964 in Dargaz, Ali Ghavitan is a graduate in Law. He has made many short films and directed ten plays in theatre.

My Love, My City 1991
Storm Bump 1993
Conspiracy 1995
Lonely 1997
Effigies 2001
Birthday Song 2004
Very Hot Nescafe 2005
Spring Winds 2010
Dragonflies of the Green Pond 2011
Flight of the Kites 2012
Sunlight, Moonlight, Earth 2013
The Return 2014
My Mother’s Blue Sky 2015
White Bridge 2017

Festivals and Awards

- 20th Olympia Int’l Film Festival, 2 – 9 December 2017, Pyrgos - Greece (Competition Section) Winner of UNICEF and Special Jury Awards

- 22th Kerala International Film Festival, 8 – 15 Dec. 2017, Kerala – India (Competition Section)

- 16th Dhaka Intl Film Festival, 12 – 20 January 2018, Dhaka – Bangladesh (Children Films Competition Section)

- 7th Kolkata Int’l Children Film Festival, 19th January 2018, Kolkata - India